Mazindol Controlled Release

Quilience and Nolazol both contain mazindol as the active molecule in a proprietary controlled release formulation. Mazindol has a well-established safety record from its long history of clinical use across the United States and Europe, where it was previously approved in its immediate release form for the management of obesity and was also widely used off-label and prescribed under compassionate use for the treatment of narcolepsy. It was marketed for nearly 30 years, into the early 2000s, before being voluntarily withdrawn from the market solely for commercial reasons and is no longer commercially available in these regions.

Quilience and Nolazol are being developed as separate and uniquely differentiated controlled release pharmaceutical products. Our proprietary controlled-release formulations are being designed to optimize the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of our lead product candidates with a rapid onset of action and prolonged controlled therapeutic effect, allowing for a daily oral dose that effectively provides consistent and long acting symptom control and designed to uniquely meet the needs of patients.